A few weekends ago, we did our first pop up shop with CRAFT.  The event was held at Crown Center and we had the perfect fall weather for the most part (a little chilly on Sunday!).  I loved meeting everyone that walked through and it was great to finally get to share some product.  I also had fun getting to know the maker community in KC; my neighbors Lost & Found Design, Lauren Heim and Lily Dawson Designs were GREAT.  The CRAFT ladies were wonderful to work with as well.

Table Display via Golden & Pine

Pop Up Display via Golden & Pine

I learned so much that is helping as I plan for out future pop ups.  Namely, I can’t share every product I would like to in a small booth!  You can expect a bit more of an edited selection at our future pop ups. Also, grass gets everywhere when you’re selling outside and bring a ton of business cards.

Product photos by Kelly Jackson for Golden & Pine

I was also lucky to get a short news spot with Fox 4 on Sunday morning and got to talk up my local KC favorites: Megan Leong, Axel Co and Convivial Productions.

Succulent Planter via Golden & Pine

Convivial Productions Planters via Golden & Pine

This week I’ve been pulling together displays for the Junior League Holiday Mart that starts next Thursday and things are looking so good!  I have lots of new goods to share including some holiday items and tons of great gift ideas.  Hope to see you there!

Photos: Kelly Jackson Photography

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