Erin Brown first opened Dolce Bakery in Prairie Village in 2007, and today people from all corners of the city make it a destination for award-winning cinnamon rolls, layer cakes, croissants, seasonal sweets, and more.

Dolce Bakery Founder Erin Brown's Kitchen


We got to hang out with Erin and her son at home, and we picked her brain about her great taste…and great business success.


Dolce Founder Erin Brown Baking With Son


About work/life balance:


“It’s a lot of careful stacking,” she says with a smile. Her husband John is also an entrepreneur and owns Revolution Gym, and they’re full-time parents to 13-year-old Campbell, 22-month-old Jack, and a baby girl due in May (!). “You have to be careful with your yes’s.” She meets with her mentor and business coach weekly to define what’s most important, and she says no to anything that’s not on the list. She makes it a point to take care of herself, with fitness and good nutrition. And she always puts her family first. “I take time to define what’s important to my family. To my business. To me. Sometimes I miss out on really fun things. But when my 13-year-old needs to be nurtured, that’s something only I can do.”

About her team:


“I love people. I have an amazing team that I trust completely, and I love watching each of them grow. If I couldn’t delegate to people I trust, I wouldn’t have anything that I have today!” You can see this even on Dolce’s Instagram — in between mouth-watering dessert photos, she’s thoughtfully spotlighting the people who make Dolce tick.


Dolce Bakery Founder Erin Brown with Son


About rest:


Erin says that becoming a mother changed her perspective on rest. “I used to get sick a lot, because I was working too hard and wearing myself down. After Jack was born, I thought to myself, ‘Oh, he’s a totally different baby after a nap? What if I tried that?’ And it turns out, I’m a totally different woman after a nap. I’m my best self when I’m well-rested, so I make that a priority.”


Dolce Owner Erin Brown's Kitchen


Her advice for achieving your own balance:


“Don’t be afraid to make a change, big or small,” she says. She recognizes that both in her business and in her family, things come in seasons. When things are hard, it’s a season that will pass. And sometimes the priorities have to change. She loves to cook, but, “if we need to eat simple crockpot meals for a month, that’s OK, it will pass.”


Erin Brown of Dolce Bakery's favorite cake dome


Wait, are those…heart-shaped cinnamon rolls?!


“Two gooey centers! We pinch the bottoms of each one before they go in the oven.” Erin’s famous cinnamon roll recipe came from her German Aunt Cindy.


We couldn’t let Erin get away with out asking her to round up her favorite Valentine’s gift ideas from G&P!


Dolce Founder Erin Brown Gift Guide


Bar Set.  Cake Dome.  Pizza Board.  Veak Ceramics Planter.  Vase.  Measuring Cups, Greeting card, Milk & Honey, and Braver lotion available in shop.  Marbled Serving Tray.  Wine Bag.


We’ll be sharing Dolce goodies at our Galentine’s Flower Bouquet Workshop on Feb 10, so please come have a taste!  RSVP HERE





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