On this “Ethical Edit” we are featuring local style icon, Amy Appleton Dreyer! You may know her by her blog Steps of Style or her super popular Instagram feed.  Amy combines her lifelong loves of fashion and travel, venturing to her favorite destinations like South America and Australia, and collecting one of a kind fashion pieces for inspiration. In addition to traveling and modeling, Amy is a mom to three year old fashionista Stella, stepmother of three teens, a perfecter of the effortless look, an avid blogger, Instagrammer, and Etsy pro. We we’re so excited to have Amy in the shop to pick out her favorites! And we have to say, she pulled together a gorgeous group of favs!


Starting with the first pick, Amy chose the large macrame wall hanging we have here in the shop. This is one of our favorites as well!  This piece was made right here in KC by Hallmark stylist, Andy Newcom. Andy has been creating macrame since the 1970’s and still has such a talent for this recently re-popularized art.

Moving over to the right, Amy’s next pick is another store fav, our matte gold flatware. I mean, this is just what dreams are made of right? We also carry a matte black and a matte stainless option.

Right below that, we have our black dinnerware. These are made in LA by the husband and wife team Peter & Ellen at Sheldon Ceramics. They are gorgeous and practical (dishwasher safe!) ceramic plates, bowls and more.

Up next Amy picked the cookbook “Dandelion & Quince” by Michelle Mckenzie. This one is just pretty sitting on the bookshelf AND the recipes sound amazing!

Moving down to the bottom left, Amy’s next pick is one of our hand knitted poufs. These are from Mary Marie Knits, a San Francisco based company, but the maker is actually a Kansas native!  She loves knitting oversized patterns and using unorthodox materials.

Right under that she picked one of our vintage rugs. This one is one of our personal favorites, I mean look at those colors! It’s truly perfect, Amy might take it home with her too.  🙂

Next, she picked this gray queen size bed blanket with a pom fringe. Who doesn’t love a good pom pom, right?! These blankets are handwoven cotton and are super easy to take care of. We also have it in a blue stripe and a black stripe.

Amy’s next pick is this lacy tree philodendron print by Living Pattern. These add a perfect touch of green to any space.  (Especially for those that don’t have a green thumb!)

And last but not least we have our black ceramic planter from Norden. Amy requested that we put a Fiddle Leaf Fig in it, and honestly this planter was made for a Fig. If you can keep one alive long enough, this is the perfect pot! It also comes in a really pretty terra cotta and white.

Thanks so much to Amy for picking her favorites!  Amy definitely has an eye for both fashion and home decor. Stop by the shop and see Amy’s picks in person.

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