If you’ve been in the shop and talked to me about candles, chances are I’ve steered you towards our Tatine Garden + Forest infusion candles.  When I buy new candles for the shop, my first criteria is it has to be in a pleasing vessel and these simple, green cups are some of my favorite.  I love the idea of reusing these as a cocktail or bathroom glass – so pretty.

Tatine Candle at Golden & Pine

The second thing I look for is a scent that really fills a room.  I have an open living/kitchen/dining room situation and small children, so if I can get one candle burning somewhere they can not reach it or blow it out (they think they’re all birthday candles! 🙂 ) then I am lucky.  Tatine is my favorite for a scent that really carries throughout the home.

Tatine Forest Floor Candle at Golden & Pine

And then obviously the actual scent is important.  I love that every Tatine candle in this line has a real earthy undertone.  They take a scent like lavender – that we all have smelled before – and add their moody, forest-y additions to make it much more complex and interesting.  This also makes them friendly to those that prefer a little more manly scents.

Tatine Holy Basil Candle

So, we are super excited to have these candles available online now as well as in shop now.  Our talented photographer Jessica had the great idea to show you the makeup of each scent in a really pretty visual way, and we hope that makes it easy to choose a scent you’ll love even when you’re not here to sniff at G&P.

Tatine Woodsmoke at Golden & Pine

What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?





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