I love looking through Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram for the latest trends or style inspiration. Sometimes it seems especially intimidating trying to recreate those glossy photos! So, I sat down and tried it. The Ranch Uncommon might be one of my favorite home design accounts. Their style echoes many of the same threads we put together in the shop. The lovely thing about this account is the ability to transform a space with just a few key elements. It’s a great way to redefine a space without a complete overhaul. This dreamy nook is inspired by a summer beach, but doesn’t need to shout nautical from the mountaintops. They incorporated deep indigo hues, natural wood accents, and rustic statement pieces, and succeeded in blending minimalist design and bohemian ease beautifully. Let’s explore how we can re-style a room using our spin on those elements.

A great start to the space is with the eye-catching pillows. They are preppy, yet boho at the same time. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Geometric lines and shapes are a thread throughout the pillows on their bench. The deep, moody indigo featured prominently in the latest line of our Tensira pillows currently in the shop. Mixing varying widths of stripes and shades of the same color create a cohesive look without feeling too busy or pattern-heavy.

Tensira Indigo Throw Pillows

Next, let’s move to the bold statement wicker pendant hanging above their white table. It brings the warm wood tones from the floor up to the height of our eyes, which balances the bright white walls. It also works well in a smaller space, letting light from the window through it’s woven shade. Our version mimics the light, airy feel of the wicker, with a more modern shape and material. Craftspeople from Port Au Prince, Haiti have created these palm frond-wrapped pendants. I appreciate the perfectly imperfect forms more and more over time (Available in-store).

Woven Pendant Light Fixture

A dining nook is not complete without the essential mug of tea or coffee. I am always more inspired if the things I surround myself with items crafted with care. So, when it came to finding ceramic mugs, I knew we had to find one that was hand-crafted. Era Ceramics in Austin, TX is the winner! Each form is thrown on the wheel and every glaze recipe mixed by hand which allows them to customize and experiment with each piece.

Era Ceramics Mug with a Wooden Bowl and Board

Now, let’s set the table. We can bring the same warm tones of the wood floors by topping the table with a wooden bowl or board.  I love the idea of paring down to as few elements as possible. Our round pizza board made of reclaimed beech wood will fit right in. The finished wood pizza board is distinguished by two strips of oak timber to prevent warping of the board.

I love featuring local artists like The Object Enthusiast into my home. Her funky geometric vessels always feature an unexpected element. Her pots feature highlights of metallic glaze, so they shine with bright green plants brimming out of the top. Instead of going completely rustic, a splash of eclectic modernity will lighten up your space.

The Object Enthusiast Ceramic Vessels

It is so much easier to interpret those beautifully staged Instagram posts or polished magazine spreads when you can break it down into smaller elements. I would love to know where you get your inspiration! Leave your ideas in the comments below, and we might feature that space on the next edition of Get The Look.

Instagram Nook Product Round-UpFrom Top Left:
Tulia Pillow, Thelma Pillow, Thea Pillow
Sahasa Lapis Pillow, Tensira Gray Stripe Napkins, Tensira Navy Stripe Napkins,
Mifuko Kiondo Basket, Recycled Denim Zig Zag Fringe Pillow
Era Ceramics Mug, Wood Bowl, Wood Pizza Board, Vessel No. 7, Vessel No. 6


Photo Credit:  The Ranch Uncommon





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