We are moving to the Prairie Village Shops this Fall!

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If you missed the email, late this summer we will relocate our shop to a larger space right next door to the newly opened Caffetteria.  Right now the space is raw as the landlords are finishing up a few things before we start our work.  Here’s a shot from the middle of the space looking towards the front door.  It’s big and open!

Here are some initial changes we’ll make in construction…

Golden & Pine facing Mission Road

As you can see, we’re going to have a lot more space.  We’ll have furniture and lots of it!  I’m very excited about a cool display for that north wall that will show at a quick glance every handmade dish you could ever want (as a new bride for your wedding registry or as an empty nester finally able to have nice dishes!).

We did luck out and find a back window/door situation where we thought there was not one, so fingers are crossed once the coating is off the windows we get light and bright coming from both sides.

Golden & Pine Looking West to Bijin

I’m been collecting inspiration images and am currently at the narrowing in phase, so we’ll see which ones make it through.  I’d love to get some shelves for plants right across our back/south facing windows.  A huge goal is to keep a strong plant presence!

G&P Window Shelves for Plants

I’ve tasked my very-green-thumb husband with helping to create some sort of living wall/trellis situation that is easy to maintain.  I also saw lights like the round wicker ones below on my recent trip to market and am thinking if our ceiling is white, that vibe fits us perfectly.

I’m loving this slightly-updated-but-still-classic take on shiplap in the most perfect wood tone.  We have a sink skirt in our current space, and I love this golden yellow tailored version for a casual garden section vibe.

G&P 2.0 Inspiration Pics

I’d love to try some sort of cool door situation like below, but the powers that be are indicating that may be a challenge.  I’ve also got my eyes set on some sort of warm toned, veined stone…we’ll see if I can find on budget.

G&P 2.0 Inspiration

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some forward facing ledges for all of our books like the sunglasses shelves below? Maybe a cozy chair or two in front for flipping through?

G&P 2.0 Inspiration

So here’s the plan!  I’m sure it will change again (this is probably already round five) and then again and again, but you get the idea.

Tentative Floor Plan Golden & Pine

So what do you think?  I’m eager to hear your thoughts!







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