We are fully on board with the macrame resurgence here at Golden & Pine! (Could you tell?!).  Much to the amusement of anyone that lived through the 70s, it’s back and I might even venture to say slightly better!   It’s a little bit cleaner and more modern this time around.

Macrame Window at Golden & Pine

Our current window display at the shop is full of our macrame lights mixed with fresh and summery natural rope and wooden beads.  We love how it turned out mixed with the deep blues and bright yellows of the pillows under the windows.

Macrame Love at Golden & Pine

Windy Chien Helix Lights at Golden & Pine

The single strand lights that we sell in the shop are made by Windy Chien in her backyard studio in San Fransisco. They are great in groups or they make a fun pendant using just a single light .  Windy gave us the great tip of only using 25 watt bulbs to avoid that glaring, exposed bulb look that hurts your eyes.

Macrame Love at Golden & Pine

Macrame Love at Golden & Pine

The giant wall hangings are always gorgeous, especially when used as headboards or on a feature wall like in the photos above. It’s a simple and beautiful way to add quiet texture to a room. They also work great on a smaller scale by themselves or worked into a gallery wall.

We love brit.co’s macrame tutorials (that curtain – oh my!) if you’re interested in trying your own hand at macrame.  Or if you’re not into DIY, come into Golden & Pine and take home one of our ready made pieces.

Golden & Pine Macrame Wall Hangings

Photos:  1 Golden & Pine  2 Rennes  3 Windy Chien  4 My Domaine  5 Macro Macrame  6 Golden & Pine




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