By Kristen Patti

Can I be totally honest? Learning the story of Meso Goods makes me feel simultaneously inspired and listless. Meso Goods is this amazing company based out of Guatemala that designs and makes gorgeous pillows and home decor.  Their product is undoubtedly beautiful.  And their story is even more inspiring.

Golden & Pine Sofa with Meso Goods

Meso Goods pillows, Sofa available in shop, Basket.

Diego Olivero, Gonzalo Pertile, and Marisa Umana combined their knowledge and passion for Guatemala, international business, and design to form Meso Goods. Together the three of them have so many accomplishments that I can’t even begin to wrap my head around where they find the time to do it all. This is where the feeling listless part comes in.  They make me feel so lazy!

Diego is the creative designer behind it all.  He was born in Guatemala and has worked in architectural firms around the world. Gonzalo is passionate about combining business with positive social impact. He has worked for some organizations you may have heard of, the UN and USAID. And Marisa strives to foster rural economic development in Guatemala. She’s worked as the Director of the Handicrafts Division of the Guatemala Exporters Association and led a USAID project to connect rural artisans to commercial markets. Overachievers, much? 😉

Meso Goods designs and produces home decor that appeal to a contemporary, international marketplace – that’s us!  They then team up with artisans living in the Western Highlands of Guatemala – an area that is historically underprivileged and impoverished, but rich in culture and a tradition of artisanal crafts – to create these goods.

Empowering indigenous communities, with a special focus on women, is an essential part of their mission.  By paying their employees a sustainable income and offering good working conditions, since 2010 they have positively impacted over 500 indigenous families. Meanwhile, I’m over here finally finishing up Big Little Lies on HBO :).

Golden & Pine Living Room with Meso Goods


Images: 1-2, 6: Jessica Cain 3-5: Meso Goods



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