Brent and Lanie Draper have lived in six homes in their six years together. Which actually feels pretty normal for Lanie, because throughout her childhood her parents moved 19 times — they were hobbyist home flippers.
“I grew up spending time in all the cool design shops, interested in finishes, and flipping through my mom’s hundreds of design books,” Lanie said. “I would make copies of the pages and create my own design boards…it was like my version of Barbies, like playing dress-up but with houses.”
She and Brent started their own careers with comfortable day jobs. But after flipping a few houses of their own, he went to a meeting of Fortune Builders, the real estate investment education company, and loved it. He realized there was a lot they could do to optimize their flips, and he made a career change and signed up. When he was about 20 properties in, and constantly texting Lanie about wood stain colors and lighting fixtures, he asked her to quit her day job and come join him.
After thinking he was completely crazy, she realized… “That’s when we could really get creative,” she said. Through her design eye and photography skills, she started working on projects in an official capacity and building a following through Instagram and Facebook, and the inquiries started coming in for design services. It took a few years, but finally in May of 2017 she launched Rooted Design, which is now a team of five taking client work.
Lanie and her team shared free interior design advice in our shop last week — be sure to join our mailing list for access to future events! To share a taste of the action, they’ve rounded up their favorite picks from the store. Enjoy!
All photos by Jessica Cain for Golden & Pine, featuring Rooted KC’s Belinder home

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