I’m so ecstatic that we’re getting close to having an opening date and thought I would share a few in-progress photos of what is going on in the space.  If you’re not familiar with our location, we’ll be on a new fun corner at 63rd & Holmes in East Brookside Kansas City, Missouri.  The Kansas City Business Journal wrote a great article about the redevelopment happening all around the shop, and I loved seeing the renderings of the apartment complex (the first brand new apartments in Brookside in 40 years!) being built right across the street via Inside Brookside.   

I knew I wanted an indoor/outdoor feel to the shop, and the decorative concrete blocks were a fun way to feature a typically outdoor material.  They will make up my cash wrap and offer support and decoration in a few other spots in the shop.

Cash wrap in progress at Golden & PineI also knew that I needed a lot of places to display pillows as I have been buying a ton (!) and still have a stack of vintage textiles ready to be sewn into one-of-a-kind covers.  So I worked with my contractor to design this 20′ long window bench.  The finished product will have a top with some lift up covers for storage and a bit of display space underneath.

Window Bench in progress at Golden & PineI plan to have a lot of plants available in the shop, so a sink was a must have to make sure we can take care of them easily.  I found a great concrete sink that is big and deep and it will be right out on the sales floor.  We also built out a wall of open shelving above for all of the lovely ceramics and art we have coming.  sink lower via Golden & PineOpen Shelving via Golden & Pine

As you can see, light woods and white will dominate in the space so all the goods will be able to shine.  I hope to get my pop of golden yellow in somewhere, so stay tuned for that.  I’m so excited for it to be all done and share it with you!  What do you think so far?

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